Thursday, November 23, 2006

Cheap Side Dishes

Make your own Fried Rice
Stir and turn this recipe frequently while cooking
  • Heat 2 TBS oil in a frying pan.
  • Add tiny bits of leftover meat and vegetables.
  • Add one raw egg, mixed for scrambling.
  • Turn and stir frequently till egg pieces cook (approx 5 mins).
  • Add soy sauce and heat through (approx 10 mins).

Pickled Veggies
These are a great snack or side dish, and kids love them. If your pickles are whole, slice them and add them back to the jar.
  • When pickles are almost gone, save remaining pickles and juice for this recipe.
  • Add to pickle jar: thinly sliced carrots, celery, onions, cabbage, etc.
  • Allow to "soak" overnight.
  • The longer it soaks, the stronger the flavor.

Microwaved Carrots and Onions
These vegetables come out
sweet, tender, and moist. Not what you would expect from the microwave.
  • Slice carrots and onions (the thinner they are, the quicker they cook)
  • Add veggies to a glass baking pan (make sure it fits in your microwave)
  • Add pats of margerine on top or in layers with veggies
  • Cover and Microwave on High approx 6 minutes
  • Stir, cover and cook 6 minutes longer

Tangy Green Beans

Italian dressing makes canned Green Beans flavorful and interesting. This recipe is good hot or cold.
  • Drain 1 can Green Beans
  • Add 1/2 Cup Italian Dressing (any brand)
  • Heat (approx 10 mins on stove, or 3 minutes on Med. in Microwave)

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