Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Replace a Dryer Element

Have you ever tried to replace the heating element in a Dryer? If you haven't, I wouldn't recommend it.

When our clothes dryer stopped heating, I did research to find out whether it was something we could repair ourselves. It looked easy online, but it was a tough one in real life.

After ordering the element for our dryer, taking the dryer apart (not an easy task), and carefully re-stringing the darn thing, it worked for one day and started blowing cold air again.

The clerk that worked at the dryer-part store where we bought the element warned us not to pull the heating element too hard because it could break. So, it was strung very carefully.

There were no visible breaks when we finished, but it still didn't work. Evidently we did something wrong. We ended up having to buy a new dryer.

If you encounter this problem, I would recommed that you either let a professional replace the element, or just bite the bullet and buy another dryer. It's too delicate to be one of those DIY jobs, in my opinion.


Lela said...

The same thing happened to me recently, It took a repair man two visits and ended up costing me as much as a new dryer would have.

F_M_M said...

It is very frustrating, isn't it? Here you are thinking you are saving some money, and you end up spending as much as you would for a new dryer.