Friday, January 12, 2007

Cheap Family Fun - Bowling?

When did bowling get so expensive? Granted, the last time I went bowling was in the dark ages (the late 70s) but it seems to me that it was a really cheap way to have some fun.

I decided that my family should go out this weekend and do something fun since we've done such a good job at paying off our debt and saving money. So, I'm sitting there trying to think of something that's cheap but might be fun for the family, and I remember going bowling as a teenager.

My memory is foggy (that happens once you pass 40), but I know we never had much spending money as teenagers, so it couldn't have cost more than a few dollars for an evening of bowling.

So, my partner calls the bowling alley to find out what times they have open bowling, and what the prices are. I couldn't believe it when she told me that it was going to cost us $15 to bowl one game!

How long does it take to bowl one game? An hour? Sheesh, $15 for one hour seems awfully high to me.

Well, we are going to try it, anyway. Hopefully it will be really fun and worth the money. I will let you all know how it turns out. (Maybe we will just bowl really slowly and make that one game last :-)


Anonymous said...

Hi. My children and I are frequent bowlers and my son and I are on an adult-junior league together. What we do us use those coupons! If your local alley is a Brunswick, you can join their email list and get a couple of free coupons a month. I usually make copies of them and use them as much as possible until they expire which is usually soon. Also, there are 99 cent bowling coupons in the Pennysaver and some food packaging like frozen chicken frequently has free bowling coupons right on the package. Hope this helps.

Angie said...

Thanks for the tips. It never occurred to me that you might find coupons for bowling. I will be checking the papers from now on.


Interesting post on bowling.