Friday, November 11, 2005

How I got $160 FREE - part 2

So, I received $125 from Bank of America for opening a new checking and savings account. Where did I get the remaining $35? ING.

I've had an ING savings account for about a year, but I didn't notice that ING offered referral bonus' until I read this at My MoneyBlog.

The article linked above is great information for anyone thinking about opening an online high-yield savings account. Instead of trying to remember what is offered at each bank, Jonathan lays it all out for you in one place. Thank you, Jonathan!

Anyway, back to my free $35. When I was investigating what was required for the referral bonus at ING, I read - in the small print at the bottom of the page - that ING accepts joint accounts for their referrals as long as the primary account holder is a new customer.

This meant that I could open another account myself and receive both the referrer's bonus and the referred's bonus, as long as the primary onwer of the account was a new customer.

So, I opened a new account with my partner's name as primary owner and my name as joint owner, and we received the $25 for the new customer account and the $10 for the referral. $35 Free! Easy as pie!

If you are interested in opening a new ING savings account (currently 3.5% apy) and receiving a free $25 bonus, please contact me with your first and last name and email address. You could open an account in your name and receive the $25 bonus with this referral, then open a second account with your partner/spouse/friend as new customer and you as joint owner and receive another $35 Free. Potential of $60 in FREE money just for opening a great savings account earning interest far above what local banks offer!

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