Thursday, November 09, 2006

Make Your Own Window Quilts

Did you know that windows are the cause of the greatest heat loss in your home?

Hanging Window quilts can reduce this heat loss by as much as 80%. Making Your Own Window Quilts is a very frugal way of saving money on your heating costs, doubly so if you can use materials that you already have.

These are some basic directions for making your own window quilts. More specific directions, as well as other ideas on what materials can be used are linked below.

  1. Measure the window you want to cover.
  2. Add one inch on all sides for the hem.
  3. Use fabric that you already have or Go to a thrift store to buy the fabric:
  • Find sheets or curtains for the back and front (light colors let in the most light)
  • Find blankets, mattress pads, or cotton for the batting
  • Find old comforters for batting or as the entire window quilt itself (since it has three layers to it already - minus a vapor barrier)
  • Look in the Thrift Store for a tension rod to hang the window quilt.

Many Tracks Windo Quilt

  1. Cut the front and back, batting, and vapor barrier (can be a sheet of plastic, sheet of bubble wrap, or just a cut open trash bag) to size.
  2. Layer the fabrics beginning with the Top, the Bottom, then Vapor Barrier, then Batting.
  3. Sew around three sides, then turn right side out.
  4. Hand or Machine sew the last side closed.
  5. Add a folded 2" strip of material to the top of the window quilt. Leave the ends open for the tension rod to run through (You can use a pully system or Velcro if you don't want to use a tension rod).

Many Tracks Window Quilt
Mother Earth News Thermal Shade
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