Wednesday, November 29, 2006

10 Tips for Cheap Clothes

OK, it's another list. I know a list isn't as fun to read, but I'm a big fan of lists because the main points (or suggestions) are easier to find. So, here goes.
  1. Look for clothes on auction sites like Ebay, Yahoo auctions, Overstock auctions, and Bidville. But be careful. If you are really picky or hard to fit, only buy brands that you know fit you right. I bought some Aeropostale tops, at a great price, for my daughter on Ebay. Once we got them we discovered that they had a square rather than tapered cut to the body and my daughter wouldn't wear them. Remember to add the shipping and handling into the cost of the item. If the price (including S & H) is not cheaper than the store, and you are not sure of the cut, don't buy it.
  2. Only buy clothes when they are on Sale. Stores discount their clothing just before the seasons change. So, if you wait until fall to buy your summer clothes they will always be on sale.
  3. Look for rebates, ebates, and coupons BEFORE shopping. You can find sales, rebates, and coupons for items you were going to buy anyway.
  4. Don't buy high-priced clothing when you know they are going to be stained. Why pay "quality" prices for play clothes, gardening apparel, fishing/hunting camouflage, etc. Ask yourself, Are you trying to clothe yourself, or just show off (keep up with the Jonses)? Shop accordingly.
  5. If you are a Jr or small size, check out the boy's department. Children's clothing is usually cheaper, and for items like T-shirts, sportswear, shorts, etc., the styles are often similar. Always try clothes on before buying.
  6. Don't buy clothes that won't match what you already have. I don't care that it's on sale. If you have to buy something to match in order to wear it, it's not saving you money.
  7. Make small repairs before they become big problems. If you notice a hem or belt loop loosening, repair or reinforce it now, before it becomes a big hole that can't be fixed.
  8. Check Freecycle, and Craigslist for free or low cost clothing.
  9. If you find a great sale buy more than one. Make sure it matches what you already have, and it's something you know you will wear. If you are buying for a child, buy one in her current size and one in a larger size for next year. Last fall, I found the style and color shorts that I prefer at WalMart - marked way down. I bought 2 pair of each color. Now I have enough shorts for years to come and paid less than I would for one summer.
  10. Shop Thrift Stores. That old standby that everybody knows about can get you some new clothes that still have the store tags, or something cool, retro, or funky that fits your style.

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Randy Stephenson said...

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